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Rooks Nest Ventures launches

Rooks Nest Ventures, an early-stage, evergreen fund, with a unique network and industry knowledge, has newly launched – with GBP28 million to invest initially.

The new venture capital firm has a clear focus: to bring innovative media & entertainment companies together with impactful technology businesses. The fund will invest in technology businesses that are innovating in and around content, and media & entertainment companies who are creating highly licensable intellectual property. Though London-based, Rooks Nest Ventures can also invest in companies outside of the UK. 
Founded by investor and film producer Michael Sackler, the Rooks Nest Ventures team boasts a strong track record of working with key creative individuals and companies. Michael has become a prominent figure in the media & entertainment circle, producing indie hit films like The Witch and Obvious Child. He also sits on the board of Doodle Productions (animation) and PunchDrunk Global (theatre), amongst others.
Built from first-hand experience via sister company, film studio Rooks Nest Entertainment, and an involvement with numerous other creative companies – Rooks Nest Ventures’ portfolio companies will benefit from established relationships, giving them the exposure to strike the right type of partnerships that will elevate their product, successfully commercialise their IP and penetrate their target market. 
Michael Sackler, founder and Managing Partner of Rooks Nest Ventures, says: “It’s been clear to me for some time that the media & entertainment sector needs to be brought closer to the world of technology. Content needs tech, and tech need content. So while there is some funding available for media & entertainment businesses, none of them truly link technology and content. By launching Rooks Nest Ventures I believe we are building this bridge, and ensuring the capital gets where it needs to be, to the synergistic benefit of both media & entertainment and technology. We’re very excited to formally get started! 
“Our overall aim is to help provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge, support and investment to help them achieve growth. We have a deep passion for culture and we’re excited to play an instrumental part in bringing together the media & entertainment and technology industries in a way that has never been done before.”
Rooks Nest Ventures’ current portfolio companies include: Doodle Productions (creator of the international hit animated series Messy Goes To Okido), Disruptor Beam (creator of popular mobile games such as Game of Thrones Ascent and Star Trek Timelines), PunchDrunk (immersive theatre company) and The Rights Xchange (digital TV rights marketplace which also includes Sky and Channel 4 as investors).

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