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Schönes Leben Group acquires care specialist compassio

Schönes Leben Group, a subsidiary of independent private equity company Waterland, has purchased Ulm-based care specialist compassio, the operator of 28 care homes for elderly people with 3,058 spaces in southern Germany.

The acquisition has taken the recently established Schönes Leben Group on its first steps towards becoming an outstanding platform for retirement care, new ways of living for older people and innovative packages for retirees from the age of 65. Care specialist compassio generates revenue of around 110 million euros and forms the first strategic pillar. 
“We can clearly see that customers’ aspirations in this market are undergoing rapid change and we are responding to this change with the Schönes Leben Group. We are going to provide a new impulse with innovative services that are without parallel,” says Marc Hildebrand, CEO of the Schönes Leben Group. 
The packages offered by Schönes Leben are not simply directed towards people in need of care, emphasised Hildebrand but are intended for all people above the age of 65 years who want to make their life more rewarding and varied. 

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