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SeaBeLife secures close to EUR1.4m in deep tech financing from Bpifrance

SeaBeLife, a biotech company developing drug candidates intended to block cell necrosis, has received EUR1.37 million (USD1.49 million) in financing from Bpifrance. 

This financing, which has been granted in connection with the French government’s ‘Deeptech Plan’, will contribute to research into first-in-class drug candidates for the treatment of acute liver, kidney, heart and brain disease.
These funds will enable SeaBeLife to develop drug candidates with the unique ability to simultaneously inhibit necroptosis and ferroptosis, two modes of regulated cell death that are activated in individuals living with certain pathologies. The objective is to protect or regenerate organs affected by severe pathologies for which there are currently no effective treatments. SeaBeLife is the only company working on inhibition of these two modes of regulated cell death.
The financing will be paid out in two installments via the French government’s ‘Future Investments Program’: EUR959,000 (USD1.04 million) in the form of a repayable advance and EUR411,000 (USD447,000) in the form of subsidies.

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