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Seedrs launches full customisation for AutoInvest

Online investment platform Seedrs has launched full customisation in its AutoInvest product allowing users to select their personal investment criteria with the product then building them a portfolio of early-stage private companies automatically.

First launched in July 2018, there have been over 4000 individual investments using AutoInvest in Beta mode, with 80 different companies who raised funds on Seedrs in the past seven months benefiting from the product. The product takes Seedrs another step closer to offering a full suite of innovative investment methods, accompanying its Secondary Market and its EIS100 Fund.
Until Seedrs launched AutoInvest, investments on equity crowdfunding platforms were entirely on a self-directed basis, with investors handpicking each individual campaign to invest in. Now, with AutoInvest moving out of Beta mode, investors can select the amount they would like to invest per-campaign, customise their preferences and the product then automatically invests based on the criteria they have chosen.
Investors can customise their investment criteria from all 17 sectors on Seedrs such as Food & Beverage, Finance & Payments, Healthcare and Energy. Investors then personalise their triggers for an investment to be made by selecting how many unique investors have to have invested and what percentage the campaign must reach before AutoInvest deploys funds.
Jeff Kelisky, CEO at Seedrs, says: “Our mission for Seedrs has always been to create a marketplace where all types of growth focused investors can find their preferred way of investing in just a few clicks. Seedrs now services all types of investors, whether they want to ponder over the campaigns individually, trade shares on the Secondary Market, make just one investment decision through our EIS100 Fund or select their own investment criteria on our latest AutoInvest product release to efficiently build an entirely personalised portfolio.”

Joel Ippoliti, Chief Product Officer at Seedrs, adds: “AutoInvest has been a really exciting product for us to develop over the past few months. We’re thrilled to bring the product out of beta, with a whole range of criteria available for portfolio customisation. Building your own investment bot for early-stage private companies is a unique proposition, and one which matures the equity crowdfunding sector further. Investors can remain in control of their portfolio, whilst utilising algorithmic technology to efficiently diversify.”

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