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Sentryo raises EUR10m in new Series A round

Sentryo, a specialist in industrial internet cybersecurity, has raised EUR10 million in Series A fundraising round.

The financing was raised in two stages with four new investors: Sopra Steria and BNP Paribas Développement in the first half of 2018 and Omnes and Alliance Entreprendre in November 2018. Investors from the first seed round: Breed Reply, ACE Management, and Kreaxi also participated in this series. To date, Sentryo has raised EUR13 million.
Sentryo helps organisations embrace the promises of Industry 4.0 innovations by keeping their industrial operations safe from cyber attacks. Sentryo’s ICS CyberVision award winning platform gives control engineers comprehensive visibility on their industrial control systems, detects anomalies and accelerates response to cybersecurity incidents keeping them ahead of cyber threats.
Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity is a fast-growing market. Organisations are connecting their control systems to the world as they are leveraging digitalisation to transform their industrial operations but they have not been designed to handle cyber attacks. As they are increasing their exposure to cyber risk, they must gain in-depth visibility on what’s going on, track anomalies to mitigate risks and detect critical events.
Founded in 2014, Sentryo has already won a wide international portfolio of customers in critical markets such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Transportation, Process Industries and Building Management. Its rapid growth is fuelled by its strategic partnerships with large cybersecurity service providers and major control engineering vendors. This new fund raising will permit Sentryo to accelerate its expansion in Europe and North America and boost its technology leadership.
“We are proud to welcome new high-profile investors as well as to receive renewed trust from initial investors. We have put together a great team of experts and delivered technological products that our customers and partners love. Our investors have been convinced by our vision and our ability to execute,” says Thierry Rouquet, Sentryo’s Co-founder and President. “Customers rely on Sentryo to empower their control engineers to protect their industrial assets and work with IT managers to include OT in their cyber-security strategy.”
“Corporations are facing a great challenge when trying to extend their cybersecurity best practices to their industrial infrastructures”, explains Arnaud Cailleau, Cybersecurity VP at Sopra Steria. “Technology designed to protect IT systems from cyber attacks cannot cope with the specificities of industrial systems. We also need security solutions that professionals can use in their process control and industrial maintenance workflows. By putting OT staff at the front line of defence and giving them the tools to collaborate with IT experts, Sentryo is making a huge contribution to the protection of our industries.”  

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