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Singularity Studio secures VC investment

Singularity Studio (SS) a metaverse development company and creator of the successful GameFi dapp, Zoo Crypto World (ZooCW) on the Binance Smart Chai, has secured investment from venture capitalist firms Spartan Capital and 40k Ventures whose seed investments will allow SS to devote itself entirely to building the Singularity Metaverse. 

Additionally, the budding relationships SS is nurturing with Binance Labs and Google Cloud are playing a pivotal role in the development of the Metaverse.

SS has been greatly influenced by great minds, such as Shaan Puri, who has described digital assets like Bored Apes NFTs to Rolex and Fortnite Skins to skinny jeans. SS believes, like Shaan Puri, that digital assets will continue to be esteemed as valuable assets. SS’s primary goal is to provide a seamless medium for users to connect the physical to the digital. SS is focused on revolutionizing technology by integrating gaming, finance, social platforms and more in an accessible metaverse.

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