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London-headquartered restructuring firm Cork Gully has opened new offices in Luxembourg City and expanded its operations to the Grand Duchy to advise and manage challenged and tail-end investment funds, as either sub-advisors or replacement fund managers.
ESG executives’ scope of responsibilities is expanding exponentially as regulatory and investor demands continue to rise. Critical to their success is leadership buy-in and building a keen understanding of which ESG metrics are relevant to their particular strategy. Beth Meyer, Chief Legal Officer at Novata, provides practical guidance on how best to tackle the evolving ESG landscape.
Environmental, social and governance data can provide a wealth of information to help investors effectively manage risks and improve financial value for portfolio companies. But unlocking the opportunities that drive results begins with understanding the data. In an increasingly complex landscape, the ability to see the full picture of ESG performance in context has remained elusive.


05 December, 2023 – 8:30 am

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