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S&P Capital IQ completes initiative to expand European and US private company data

S&P Capital IQ has completed an initiative to expand its fundamental dataset to include over 3,000,000 privately-held businesses with over 500,000 of those with detailed financials in Southern Europe, the Nordics, Germany, Austria, France, the UK and the US.

Following a thorough process of quality checks, similar to those in place for internally collected financials, the data is now available to investors, risk managers and researchers through the firm’s S&P Capital IQ desktop as well as its datafeed management solution, Xpressfeed.
Furthermore, S&P Capital IQ’s proprietary “Click-Through” functionality was introduced for private entities to allow for an extra layer of transparency into line item calculations.
“We’ve finished uploading data as part of this initiative, but further additions to our fundamental datasets on privately-held businesses remain vital to our business strategy in the short- to medium-term,” says Silvina Aldeco-Martinez, managing director of S&P Capital IQ.
“Certainly, the demand for analysis in this space is increasing, as evidenced by a significant number of smaller M&A transactions and the increasingly global nature of business operations from both suppliers’ and clients’ perspectives. We have focused particularly on adding private companies with sales above $5 million to provide a relevant universe to our clientele.”
S&P Capital IQ clients in several market segments will find the data useful to boost their in-house analysis of counterparties and targets. This includes risk managers quantifying risk exposures, or private equity analysts and corporate finance teams at investment banks performing research into potential targets or partners. Seamless integration with S&P Capital IQ fundamentals and other public market data will serve to add additional value by allowing clients to conduct searches on both private company financials and qualitative, event-focused criteria in one place.
“This increased coverage – combined with the wide range of analytics already available – brings us closer to our goal of becoming a one-stop shop for all of our clients’ data, research and analytics needs,” says Aldeco-Martinez.

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