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Sustainable aerosol tech company Salvalco raising funds through Growthdeck

Sustainable aerosol spray tech company the Salford Valve Company (Salvalco) is raising new capital through private equity firm Growthdeck.

Founded in 2013, Salvalco was formed as a commercial development arm from the University of Salford that created a new eco-friendly aerosol technology, the Eco-Valve. The valve, protected by eight global patents, uses environmentally-friendly nitrogen as its propellant rather than the butane most commonly used at present. Hydrocarbon propellants like butane are a contributor to global warming.
Nivea, the global personal care brand, has joined forces with Salvalco to use the aerosol valve for its new ECODEO deodorant range which launched last year. The Eco-Valve can be used in over 85 per cent of all personal aerosol applications, including deodorant, hairspray and sunscreen.
The Eco-Valve also brings cost savings for retailers in comparison to butane-based aerosols, which are flammable. This means they must be stored and transported under controlled conditions, adding significant supply chain costs.

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