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Technology trends to watch in 2018


By Mary Beth Hamilton – The new year is upon us so time for predictions, watch lists and resolutions. Here’s our take on some technology trends we see within our client base as well as buzzing across the industry.

Cloud Transformations: Hybrid Grows & Connections Matter

In 2017 hybrid cloud gained traction as companies embraced its ability to combine the benefits of dedicated private environments with on-demand public cloud resources and application sets. In 2018 we expect broader mainstream hybrid adoption for everything from application and infrastructure services to disaster recovery.

With hybrid cloud use increasing, the importance of establishing and optimizing connections across networks and clouds will become a priority. Eze Hybrid Cloud, as an example, has direct connections to the Microsoft Cloud as well as market data, FIX networks and fund administrators. 

Regulations + Data Privacy: Spotlight on GDPR

Enforcement for the EU’s new GDPR regulation, which increases protections and privacy for personal data, begins May 25, 2018 and fines for non-compliance are steep — 4% of annual global turnover or €20 Million (whichever is greater). Any firm holding personal data for EU citizens has better be prepared for compliance. 

In 2018 we’ll see the impact of this regulation on protecting individual’s information as well as the breadth of financial damages for non-compliance.

Impact of ‘Bye Bye’ Net Neutrality

By repealing the 2015 net neutrality rule, the FCC is removing regulations that barred internet service providers from blocking or slowing down access to online content. The FCC is also expected to remove a rule preventing providers from prioritizing their own content. Yet, the true impact is still ‘to be determined,’ considering that the FCC is still refining the final rule. 

However, this is one to watch in 2018 as the expected impact ranges from changing how providers bill for services to fully changing the internet landscape.

From IoT, VR and Smart Homes to Driverless Cars

With CES 2018, the biggest consumer electronics show, kicking off next week we’d be remised not to touch on a few technology innovations expected to debut and shape the future. These innovations include self-driving vehicles, smart cities, AR/VR applications for commercial and consumer use and IoT data applications. Key to enabling these technologies is the global roll-out of 5G Networks.

What tech trends are you watching in 2018? Let us know.

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