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Temptime acquires William Laboratories

Temptime Corporation, a provider of time-temperature indicators to the healthcare industry, has acquired Connecticut-based William Laboratories to expand into blood temperature monitoring solutions.

Temptime’s acquisition is a significant step toward expanding its capabilities since it partnered in September with Water Street Healthcare Partners, a strategic investor focused exclusively on healthcare.
Temptime’s devices are used by the world’s largest health organisations and pharmaceutical companies to alert them if vaccines and other medical products have been exposed to temperatures that could damage or alter their effectiveness.
Temptime’s acquisition of William Laboratories expands the company into devices that monitor the temperature of blood and other biological products. William Laboratories’ core product, the Safe-T-Vue temperature indicator, has been employed by hospital blood banks, operating and emergency rooms, and trauma services for more than two decades to store and transport blood within temperatures approved by the FDA.
“Our acquisition of William Laboratories is one more initiative that we are leading to achieve Temptime’s mission of improving global health through solutions that protect people from the risk of using medical products damaged by extreme temperatures,” says Renaat Van den Hooff, president, Temptime. “We are deeply committed to our customers, and will continue to look for opportunities to extend Temptime’s support of our customers’ distribution practices to encompass a full range of medical and biological products.”
Lois Sharpless, president, William Laboratories, says: “We are honoured to become part of Temptime. It is a prestigious organisation that does so much good around the world. Our products and customers will be in the hands of experts who are dedicated to the highest standard of time-temperature indicator technology. With Temptime, our products will reach and make a difference in many lives.” 

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