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TriLinc Global Impact Fund approves EFA Group as sub-advisor

TriLinc Global Impact Fund has approved a new Investment Manager, Eurofin Investments and its affiliate, EFA RET Management (together EFA Group), to act as a sub-advisor on term loan investment opportunities in Southeast Asia.

TriLinc is an impact investing fund that provides growth-stage loans and trade finance to established small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in developing economies where access to affordable capital is significantly limited. Impact Investing is defined as investing with the specific objective of achieving a competitive financial return as well as creating positive, measurable impact in communities across the globe.

TriLinc complements its global macroeconomic portfolio optimisation and management with investment services from experienced sub-advisors that have solid track records in target asset classes and geographies, and ample access to high-quality investment pipeline.

EFA Group is a Southeast Asia-headquartered asset manager that specialises in term loan and trade finance strategies, respectively, through its affiliated firms. Since inception in 2003, EFA Group has deployed over USD5.4 billion in trade finance and term loan transactions globally, including over USD107 million in term loan transactions in TriLinc’s target geographies of Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines. Headquartered in Singapore with offices in London, Geneva, Istanbul, and Dubai, EFA Group is a signatory to the United Nations-support Principles for Responsible Investment and is managed by an experienced team of investment professionals with in-depth market knowledge and extensive in-country networks.

EFA Group’s term loan strategy leverages robust track records, credit histories, and relationships with borrowers from its trade finance portfolio. The synergy between the affiliated firms’ capitalises on proprietary information and market intelligence, enabling EFA Group to execute structured senior secured mid-term loans to middle-market enterprises operating along the region’s real economy value chains. Through its complementary lending strategies, EFA Group structures term loan products with strong collateral packages that include hard assets as well as service contracts, inventory, and share pledges.

The execution of EFA Group’s term loan strategy is led by the firm’s principals who have over 50 years of combined experience in lending strategies throughout the region, including past tenures at Rabobank Singapore, Noble Trade Finance Limited, FINCO Asia, PwC, and Calyon CIB. EFA Group’s investment activities are supported by a global network of more than 50 employees who provide strategic deal origination, credit underwriting, asset management, operations, and financial administration expertise. EFA Group’s experienced team and extensive track record of facilitating timely and flexible financing to growth-stage enterprises in the region is deepened by a diverse investor base, including top-tier pension funds, insurance companies, fund of funds, and family offices.

“Partnering with EFA Group represents an exciting opportunity for TriLinc to expand its term loan capabilities in Southeast Asia and take advantage of the impact opportunities we have observed in the region,” said Gloria Nelund, TriLinc’s CEO. “EFA Group’s deep market knowledge, in-country networks, and longstanding borrower relationships provides a platform for TriLinc to continue delivering risk-adjusted returns to our investor base while supplying a critical source of capital to the region’s growing SME segment.”

Francois Dotta, Chief Executive Officer and Partner of EFA Group, says: “We are excited about partnering with TriLinc and its Southeast Asia term loan strategy as we have witnessed a growing unmet demand for mid-term growth-stage capital throughout the region. Furthermore, we are highly motivated by TriLinc’s financial and non-financial mandate and see this partnership as a unique opportunity to align our own philosophy of generating competitive returns from investments in businesses that are both financially sustainable and socially responsible with that of TriLinc’s impact thesis.

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