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Two Yellow Brick Capital agtech companies relocate to the UK

Smart Fertilizer and I-Feeder Technologies, two global agricultural companies, have relocated their head offices to London. 

Both companies are part of the YB AgTech Ecosystem, a global agricultural investment company and part of private equity firm Yellow Brick Capital. They were both previously operating out of South Africa and Israel before relocating to the UK in 2020 as part of a new global growth strategy, foreseeing the opportunities of a post-Brexit Britain. With their relocation, both companies will be providing jobs, research fellowships and domestic investment opportunities in the UK.
Both Smart Fertilizer and I-Feeder Technologies provide entirely unique, pioneering technologies for the agricultural industry. Both technologies are used by thousands of people across Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia and are instrumental for farmers in achieving high yields and minimise inputs worldwide.
I-Feeder Technologies, a precision fertigation original equipment manufacturer, was created in South Africa 40 years ago and has since shaped the fertigation industry. Since relocating to the UK and becoming part of YB AgTech, I-Feeder Technologies has expanded its offering and has since opened an office in Nebraska, USA, assigned exclusivity to a global player to support the products in Australia, and opened branches in New Zealand. The next areas of focus are Eastern Europe and Brazil, which they know will become critical role players in the agricultural field.
Smart Fertilizer is a cloud-based software which enables farmers to create a tailored fertilisation plan, increasing yields and reducing costs. The unique data-based technology enables farmers worldwide to determine which nutrients their plants need creating an entirely bespoke offering. Unlike many other fertilisation technologies, Smart Fertilizer is not linked with any fertiliser providers, meaning the data and service is non-biased placing the science above profit.
As Smart Fertilizer, I-Feeder Technologies and the larger YB AgTech business expands in the UK, the companies will be providing jobs, internships and research positions with plans to make the UK a hub for agricultural research and development. The companies are also seeking investment as they continue to grow. The precision farming market was valued at GBP5.1 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach GBP9.32 billion by 2025 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.7 per cent between 2020 and 2025, making it an attractive investment opportunity.
Salvatore G Verdoliva, Chief Agronomist and Chief Operating Officer at Smart Fertilizer says: “Smart Fertilizer’s relocation to the UK signifies a new era for the company. We are excited to be working from the UK, recognising the opportunities post-Brexit Britain will offer as our global expansion continues and we look for new investment.”
Johan van Zyl, Managing Director at I-Feeder Technologies, says: “The relocation of I-Feeder Technologies and Smart Fertilizer to the UK marks an exciting time for both the businesses as they grow. Using the UK as our headquarters provides us the scope to upscale our offering through growth and investment. We are looking forward to making the UK a hub of agricultural development through technology and research.”

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