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UBS Fund Services implements SunGard’s Investran Insight

UBS Fund Services has implemented SunGard’s Investran Insight to provide investment managers and investors with interactive reporting, advanced analytics, and data visualisation across its private equity value chain. 

SunGard’s Investran Insight delivers a customisable and user-friendly portal experience that integrates seamlessly with the UBS client web portal, UBS Fund Services Online. Through Investran Insight, UBS clients and their limited partners (LPs) will have access to a secure, interactive reporting experience with detailed information available on investors, funds and underlying portfolio companies.
UBS Fund Services also uses SunGard’s Investran, which provides relationship management, reporting and partnership accounting functionality, and also integrates with the Investran Insight portal solution to provide source data and help standardise controls on data input and reporting.

“As an administrator, our goal is to give our clients more transparency and data ownership whenever possible. Managers can then better understand their investments through a range of integrated online capabilities as well as create a better experience for their investors. SunGard’s Investran Insight provides more reporting and deeper levels of financial and investment data delivered via intuitive dashboards. Because we see this solution as a clear differentiator for our private equity, real estate and infrastructure clients, we have the opportunity to further extend the solution to more managers,” says Mike Dickey, Director – Product Deployment, UBS Fund Services.

“By providing client reports and dashboards from a secure portal, SunGard’s Investran can help UBS ensure accurate, timely and appropriate content is exposed to the right client at the right time, helping to significantly reduce manual intervention and operational risk. SunGard continues to invest in its data and reporting solutions to provide fund administrators with full control of sensitive data while adhering to client data security policies and regulatory requirements,” says Oliver Muhr, chief operating officer – private equity, SunGard’s asset management business.

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