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Unigestion launches Private Debt Allocator tool

Unigestion has launched a Private Debt Allocator tool, which identifies private debt opportunities to exactly match clients’ investment objectives.

Through its work with clients, Unigestion has identified a common perception of the universe of private debt opportunities as large, diverse and challenging. Depending on the type of debt, it can yield returns for investors of anything between 5 per cent and 20 per cent. This solution aims to help clients navigate across the myriad of different asset types, investment strategies and differing characteristics.

The Private Debt Allocator simplifies the process by taking a structured approach to evaluating each private debt opportunity in line with the investor’s objectives. The tool is constantly fed with private debt opportunities provided by their experienced team, capturing the distinct characteristics of each investment opportunity. The opportunity set is also continuously refreshed to remove any investment opportunities that have played out and to update existing opportunities or add new ones.

The Private Debt Allocator then combines the client’s objectives with the investment opportunities; building a tailored private debt portfolio that aggregates the investment opportunities into a single debt instrument and allowing for a comparison with publicly traded instruments. The tool also facilitates portfolio adjustments over time as investment cycles move, new ideas emerge and investors’ objectives change.

Hanspeter Bader, Managing Director and Head of Private Assets at Unigestion, says: “Private debt has long been a valuable component of an investment portfolio but the perceived complexity around its investment process has proved a barrier for our clients in the past. Our Private Debt Allocator tool helps simplify this process by identifying the range of characteristics of each private debt investment opportunity, allowing us to match our investors with the right opportunities.”

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