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USVP raises USD300m early-stage venture capital fund, USVP XI

USVP has held the closing of USVP XI, a USD300 million early stage venture capital fund that will focus on franchises in cybersecurity, enterprise software, consumer mobile and e-commerce, and healthcare.

USVP has led early-stage investments in 86 companies that have completed initial public offerings. “In closing USVP XI, we are building on an extensive track record of successful early-stage investing in transformative businesses with massive market potential. Box, Imperva, InsideSales, Intersect ENT, and Trunk Club all have become globally-recognised leaders in their markets,” said Steve Krausz, General Partner. “In the past five years, 24 of our companies have had profitable exits. 6 have attained greater than billion dollar valuations through an IPO or M&A. Our results are not just on paper; in fact, USVP has distributed over one billion dollars to its limited partners during this same five year period. Our team has achieved these results by recognising promising entrepreneurs early in their careers and investing in companies early in their development. We have been fortunate that many have gone on to become the undisputed leaders in their industries and markets.”
USVP’s strategy is to be the lead Series A investor in companies based in the US or Israel, in four core sectors: cybersecurity, enterprise software, consumer mobile and e-commerce, and healthcare.
“USVP is a leader in its areas of focus. USVP has generated a 3X multiple in these sectors since 2008,” says Rick Lewis, General Partner. “We continue to innovate within our firm to meet the rapid pace of change in technology.” USVP pioneered venture investing in cybersecurity, and is a recognised leader in this critical technology sector. The firm’s highly-selective Israel strategy has generated a 7X return on invested capital since our first investment in Israel. USVP also is uniquely positioned to capitalise on the emerging IT-enabled healthcare services sector, with proven software and healthcare expertise integrated into a single firm and fund.
The USVP XI investment team is an experienced group of six partners with a track record of 3.3X on realisations across USVP’s three most-recent funds: Steve Krausz, Rick Lewis, Jonathan Root, Casey Tansey, Dafina Toncheva, and Jacques Benkoski. “All of the USVP partners have operating experience and a strong venture investment track record in their investment sectors, and it shows,” says Casey Tansey, General Partner. “In addition to enabling us to attract world-class entrepreneurs, our experience allows the USVP investment professionals to be true company-building partners to our management teams, rather than simply a source of capital. We deeply respect the entrepreneurs we work with, and we are proud and honoured to have earned the confidence of the sophisticated limited partners in the US and around the world who have invested in our new fund.”

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