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Vanterra Capital Backs BIOHM Health

BIOHM Health, a microbiome company has secured funding from New York based private equity firm Vanterra Capital.

Vanterra’s strategic investment in BIOHM Health emphasises the firm’s growing activity in the health & wellness sectors.
“Vanterra’s investment in BIOHM Health underscores consumer demand for truly innovative products in the microbiome and digestive health space,” says BIOHM Health CEO Afif Ghannoum. “Vanterra has a keen understanding of the health & wellness market and BIOHM Health is on the forefront of applying cutting-edge microbiome research to consumer products. It’s a win-win partnership.”
Vanterra will join the BIOHM Health board along with the founders. Terms of the investment were not disclosed.
Following 20 years of research supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Dr Ghannoum’s work lead to the critical discovery that bad bacteria and bad fungi work together to create digestive plaque (also known as digestive biofilm). Applying proprietary dual-action technology that neutralises the bad bacteria and fungi, BIOHM is the first probiotic engineered to breakdown digestive plaque, while maintaining the balance of the gut’s total microbiome of bacteria and fungi.
In addition to probiotics and other gut health products, BIOHM Health offers The BIOHM Gut Report, which identifies and measures the gut’s important bacteria and fungi levels and provides individuals with actionable wellness recommendations, including nutritional advice based on personalised results.
BIOHM Health has processed and analysed more gut microbiome samples than the NIH’s entire Human Microbiome Project.

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