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Viewfinity secures USD9m from Giza, JK&B and Longworth

Viewfinity, a provider of systems and privilege management via cloud computing, has received USD9m in B-round funding from Giza Venture Capital, JK&B Capital and Longworth Venture Partners.

Viewfinity has also expanded its advisory team with the appointment of board members Greg Butterfield and Nilanjana Bhowmik.

Butterfield, former chief executive and chairman of Altiris, was involved in the growth and mergers/acquisitions of WordPerfect to Novell, Vinca to Legato, Altiris to Symantec and Omniture to Adobe.

"Viewfinity is in an ideal position to address the viable place in the market for systems management that can be addressed in a cloud-based model," Butterfield says. "I am pleased for this opportunity to be directly involved in the next phase of Viewfinity’s strategy and growth."

Viewfinity offers cloud-based systems and privilege management solutions that allow IT departments to focus on managing systems and not the infrastructure. The cloud-computing model enables systems management support almost immediately so that administrators can begin managing the environment from anywhere and at any time, for both local and mobile workers.

"Viewfinity’s ability to provide the best systems management technology while requiring no additional investment in IT infrastructure is a compelling value proposition for any prospective customer," says Zvi Schechter of Giza Venture Capital. "We recognize the opportunity this model presents and are certain of Viewfinity’s success."

Viewfinity has added the following people to its advisory board: Dwain Kinghorn, former chief technology officer of Altiris and vice president with Symantec; Stuart Schaefer, former chief technology officer and founder of Softricity and partner architect at Microsoft; Srinivasa Venkataraman, former chief executive of Appstream and vice president research and development for ZoneLabs; and Benny Schnaider, former chief executive and founder of Qumranet and Pentacom and co-founder of P-Cube.

"Viewfinity’s ability to attract and appoint these business and technology leaders validates its credibility, leadership and presence in the market," says Leonid Shtilman, chief executive of Viewfinity. "We look forward to the insight and direction our advisory board will provide as we expand our offerings into the systems management marketplace."

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