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White Star Capital launches second digital assets fund

White Star Capital has launched its second Digital Assets Fund (DAF II), which will continue to invest in crypto-networks and early-stage blockchain-enabled Web3 businesses, with a focus on DeFi and Gaming.

The fund is backed by major institutional investors and corporations including Ubisoft as an anchor LP.
The DAF investment team takes a deeply research-driven approach and applies both a crypto native and traditional VC lens to partner with founders across Seed, Series A, and token rounds. Since raising its first Digital Asset Fund in 2020, White Star Capital has successfully invested in 20 companies across seven countries including Ledn, ALEX, Multis, Paraswap, Exlusible, and Rally, just to name a few.
DAF II will deploy between $1 million and $7 million in token and equity investments into 20 to 25 companies with a core focus in North America, Europe, and Asia. The fund is run by Managing Partner Sep Alavi and is supported by Eddie Lee and Luke Xiao in New York, Florent Jouanneau in London, Sanjay Zimmermann in Toronto, and Dimitri Nitchoun in Paris.

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