PE-backed GCOM acquires 20/20 Teknology

Sagewind Capital portfolio company GCOM, a provider of technology solutions focused on state and local governments, has acquired 20/20 Teknology, a managed services provider and systems integrator. 

The acquisition combines 20/20 Teknology’s expertise in unified and virtual communications, IT infrastructure, and managed services with GCOM’s leading-edge government IT offerings, enhancing GCOM’s ability to provide its government customers the next-generation solutions they need to function seamlessly across departmental boundaries without relying on brick-and-mortar facilities.

20/20 Teknology benefits from the deep relationships that GCOM has with its state and local government customers, enabling the 20/20 Teknology team to apply its ability to maximise IT infrastructure effectiveness and increase productivity to government contexts. The acquisition also provides the 20/20 Teknology team with GCOM’s expertise delivering award-winning digital engagement systems, expanded product development capabilities and greater access to partners. Employees will benefit from greater opportunities for career development within GCOM.
“GCOM’s mission is to help state and local governments build healthier, safer and more prosperous communities by providing them with the solutions they need to function more effectively and efficiently and meet their constituents’ rapidly-evolving needs,” says Kamal Bherwani, CEO of GCOM. “At the heart of next-generation government is the foundation of a strong, resilient network that can scale quickly and securely. Through our acquisition of 20/20 Teknology, widely reputed as the ‘Navy Seals of networks,’ we aim to enhance our infrastructure and virtual communications offerings—as well as our IT infrastructure and managed services solutions—to help our combined customers seamlessly meet their growing technology needs. 2020 Teknology’s customers can expect even greater support and capabilities from the combination.”
“Both the private and public sectors are experiencing profound digital transformation as they seek greater cost savings and the ability to better serve customers and constituents,” says Kevin Scully, Managing Director of 20/20 Teknology. “As a leading provider of unified communications, IT infrastructure and managed services, 20/20 Teknology brings to GCOM lessons learned from the private sector and the depth of expertise to facilitate government digital transformation. We are delighted to join the GCOM team in helping build the future of government and enhance the services we deliver to our existing customers.”

The 20/20 Teknology team will continue to work out of their Ashburn, Virginia office, including their next-generation artificial intelligence-driven Network Operations centre.