Capria Ventures & Atlantica Ventures on the rise of Africa’s VC space

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Africa is the second-fastest-growing region in the world after Asia and home to six of the fastest-growing economies worldwide. According to AVCA, the total number of VC deals in Africa hit a six-year record high with a total of 139 VC deals worth USD1.4 billion in 2019 alone.

This week Private Equity Wire sat down with Jack Knellinger, co-founder & partner of Capria Ventures and Ik Kanu, one of the founding partners of Atlantica Ventures, to talk about the rise of VC investments in Africa. The African startup ecosystem remained largely robust throughout 2020; with over 300 equity rounds raised totalling USD1.429 billion, as recorded by Partech’s VC data for 2020.

In this leading-edge conversation we cover the work and investment activities they are currently undertaking in Africa, which sectors investors should capitalize on and the best way to tap into that growth, as well as the secondary markets worth looking out for in Africa’s most burgeoning emerging economies.