Digip raises EUR2m in funding round led by Industrifonden

Digip AB, a Swedish SaaS company in the legal tech industry that make trademark protection accessible, affordable, and functional, has secured  EUR2 million in a funding round led by Industrifonden. 

SeedX, Antler and angel investors also participated in the round. The funding will be used to grow the business and continue to fight trademark infringement on a global level.

“Almost all business across the world is moving into the digital arena to some extent and as a result, the likelihood of encountering brand misuse is skyrocketing. In fact, 85 per cent of all businesses have experienced brand infringement. If you want to build a strong and successful business you need to make sure that you own your brand, it is no longer a question ‘if’ something happens, but rather ‘when’ and you want to be prepared,” says Viktor Johansson, CEO and co-founder of Digip.

The Digip platform offers an on-demand trademark registration and protection service that gives entrepreneurs and established businesses an opportunity to protect and strengthen their brand names worldwide in a digital and user-friendly environment. Founded in 2019, and launched its service on digip.com in late 2020, Digip is already serving clients in 20-plus countries. The investment from Industrifonden, SeedX, Antler and angel investors will be used to further drive geographical expansion, product development and continue the mission to automate trademark management.

“We are sure that entrepreneurs, owners and Board of Directors understand why they need to protect their business, but we also know the environment entrepreneurs work in, they simply do not have the time to learn all the complex steps to do it themselves or spend time with a traditional lawyer. We are excited by Digip which enables everyone to, instantly and free of charge, explore registering and owning their brand, and we wanted to give Digip the financial muscles to provide this technology across the globe,” says Tore Tolke, Senior Investment Director at Industrifonden.

Trademark infringement is increasing and Digip has within nine months gained clients in 26 countries proving the demand for global need of handling a company’s intellectual property. Digip clients range from startups to EUR600 million companies that want to have control over their intellectual property and costs. Digip has previously received financing by the VC company Antler and angel investors in the Stockholm startup ecosystem.