Telos Brands raises USD2.1m in seed funding from Picus Capital

San Francisco-based Telos Brands, a technology-first eCommerce company focused on the Amazon FBA ecosystem, announced a USD2.1 million seed round led by Picus Capital with participation from select business angels.

Telos has also raised an undisclosed amount of debt from several financing partners to support acquisitions.

Telos Brands is rethinking the “Amazon Aggregator” model that has become popular over the last couple of years by utilising predictive analytics, automation tools and other proprietary technology-first processes to grow and optimise acquired brands. “The Amazon ecosystem is hundreds of billions of dollars and growing. Technology is a powerful vector to capture outsized share within that market,” says Darien Lee, co-founder of Telos Brands, when asked about Telos’ unique approach to growing its brands. “We see a massive opportunity to innovate on the classic aggregator model, deploying technology to both accelerate topline growth and enable operational efficiencies. We expect Telos Brands to acquire profitable, high quality Amazon FBA businesses with potential to realise significant operating efficiencies and achieve industry-leading growth rates.”

With the new seed funding, Telos is actively acquiring Amazon FBA businesses and building out its marketing and software engineering.

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