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AnaCap spin-out Equipped appoints new Director of Business Development

AnaCap Financial Partners (AnaCap) has announced the spin-out of its analytical technology platform and team into a standalone business. 

The new entity, Equipped AI Limited (Equipped) is a data analytics and technology service that provides consulting in conjunction with its bespoke software platform, ‘Minerva’ to drive business solutions for the alternative asset management and broader financial services industries.

Equipped targets investors active in private equity, credit and real estate and currently has a number of existing clients, including Amitra Capital, Quilam Capital and Rcapital, and anticipates onboarding several additional clients by year end.

As part of its senior leadership team development and to support its continued rapid expansion, Equipped announces the appointment of industry veteran, Douglas Trafelet, as Director of Business Development. Douglas was previously Chief Commercial Officer of Dealroom, a data and intelligence provider for start-up investors. Prior to that, Douglas was Head of Online Sales and Marketing at Berlin-based Moonfare, which is an alternative investment platform for retail investors into private equity funds. Before joining Moonfare, he spent 5 years at PitchBook where he opened their European office as Managing Director. Douglas holds an MBA in finance and economics from the University of Chicago.

Equipped’s proprietary software platform processes raw data from disparate sources to create business information assets. Through rigorous statistical analysis using machine learning techniques, Minerva unlocks intelligence that helps drive value creation from within a variety of datasets to produce an efficient, automated and centralised tool to support investment professionals across private equity, credit and real estate strategies. Minerva already integrates directly with servicing and operating partners across Europe and captures live data feeds to enable multiple teams to drive real-time, asset management collection strategies and identify and evaluate new investment opportunities.

Mike Edwards, Managing Director at Equipped, says: “We are delighted to roll out Equipped and Minerva to the market as a best-in-class front office technology offering, “built by investment professionals for investment professionals”. It allows individuals and companies to analyse vast lakes of data in real-time, helping to map and execute investment strategies across multiple geographies.

“Ultimately Equipped and Minerva provide a fully digital service that enables investment professionals instant access to real-time information and supports their day-to-day activities while also delivering additional value and ROI through deep analytical review of portfolios.  Equipped undoubtedly therefore offers big potential returns for adopters and we are delighted to have been able to attract Douglas to our team to lead the development of new, exciting working relationships going forward.”

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