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Ara Partners invests in CycleØ

Ara Partners (Ara), a private equity firm that specialises in industrial decarbonisation investments, has partnered with Laurence Molke to create CycleØ Group Limited (CycleØ), a European biomethane platform, through the acquisition of FNX Liquid Natural Gas (FNX).

CycleØ, which is led by Molke as CEO, is actively developing and operating biomethane projects across Europe. The Company’s proven proprietary technologies are designed to capture, process and upgrade naturally occurring methane gas produced principally by the agri-food and livestock industries. In addition to farmers becoming distributed energy producers of the future, they will dramatically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining current outputs. 

FNX, located in Bilbao, has been a leading provider of renewable energy solutions since 2015. The company has extensive experience in biogas capture and conversion via both compression and liquefaction technologies for vehicular and industrial applications, as well as injection directly into existing pipelines.

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