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Atlantic Fund Services expands into Austria

Atlantic Fund Services (AFS) has launched services for funds in Austria – the company’s seventh market around the world and its third new market in 2014.

As well as its home market, the Polish company also offers its services in Luxembourg, the US, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, and now Austria. 
“In the past three years we have taken huge steps down the path of international growth of the company. Not long ago we were present only in Poland and the US, we are now in seven markets,” says Roman Lewszyk, CEO of Atlantic Fund Services operations in Europe.  “Our appetite, however, is much bigger and we are already thinking about new markets in which we will offer our services.”
AFS’ core offering in Austria will be systems and applications for investment funds. The Polish company will service and support the distribution of Evolution Value Funds. The cooperation with CAIAC and its Austrian distributor Ertrag & Sicherheit (E&S) focuses on processing investor data and fund transactions by applications developed by Atlantic. The cooperation will be based mostly on AFS’ Global Transfer Agency System. This system allows customising functionality in line with the clients’ needs.
In the case of CAIAC, an Internet Mobile Transfer Agent app has been created which allows CAIAC to monitor in real time investor data as well as transactions. The application also presents historic data, generates reports on diverse levels, and supports Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes by rejecting investors on certain sanction lists.

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