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Avillion secures initial funding from Abingworth and Clarus

Avillion has received initial funding from Abingworth and Clarus Ventures.

Avillion, based in London, UK, is partnering with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to co-develop and finance late stage therapeutics.

The company will use its clinical development and regulatory expertise to obtain global approvals for a broad range of drugs and biologics.

Lewis Cameron, chief executive of Avillion, says: "Avillion offers pharma and biotech companies a compelling option to partner late stage drug approval projects globally. We have an experienced team focused on global drug development and approval, with the capability to optimise CRO management."

Cameron has held senior executive positions in CRO companies, including Chiltern International, Clearstone and LabCorp. Dr Allison Jeynes-Ellis (CMO) has over 20 years experience running clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies, including Wyeth and BMS, and has been extensively involved in health technology appraisals across various countries. Graham Higson (VP, regulatory) has three decades of regulatory experience, including five years as the global head of regulatory affairs at AstraZeneca. John Bradshaw (CFO) provides financial services to life sciences companies and has extensive experience in dealing with complex accounting and finance issues relevant to the pharmaceutical industry.

Genghis Lloyd-Harris, a partner at Abingworth, says: "We founded Avillion and incubated the company in our London office. The Avillion team has exceptionally broad and deep experience in CRO management, drug development and regulatory approval. Avillion provides an excellent choice for co-developing phase III drugs and biologics in the US and Europe."

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