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Bespoke Capital Partners joins Noël Group to purchase Nomacorc from Summit Partners

Bespoke Capital Partners has made an investment in Nomacorc, a manufacturer of synthetic wine closures. 

Bespoke partnered with the Founder and Chairman of Nomacorc, Marc Noël, to recapitalise the business and buy out Summit Partners resulting in the partnership owning the entirety of the Company. Noël is currently the Chairman of Noël Group, a global leader in the transformation of synthetic materials. This investment provides the foundation and resources for Nomacorc to build upon its global leadership position. It will accelerate its industry-leading efforts in research and development for closures and oxygen management solutions to drive global growth as well as help the Company capitalise on the large long-term opportunity to consolidate certain attractive segments of the global wine supply industry. As such, Bespoke tailored its investment in a unique and thoughtful manner to allow for a longer-term hold.

“We are excited to partner with Marc Noël and the Nomacorc management team,” says Robert L Berner III, Bespoke’s co-managing partner. “Nomacorc has developed a leading market share in the overall wine closure sector with an attractive financial profile. The Company’s culture of technical expertise, ability to tailor products to customer requirements, product reliability and exceptional cost management are key contributors to its success, and clearly differentiate Nomacorc’s operations from other closure businesses.”

Mark Harms, co-managing partner of Bespoke, adds: “We invested in Nomacorc as a platform for consolidation of the highly fragmented supply chain in the USD250 billion global wine industry. We look forward to supporting the management team in executing a growth strategy to increase the types of products and services offered to the wine industry thereby leveraging and enhancing the company’s already formidable distribution capabilities.”

Noël says: “I am excited to be partnering with Bespoke as Nomacorc begins its next phase of growth. Bespoke’s experience, strong track record and deep domain expertise in the wine industry will support the Company’s infrastructure for growth and help drive global expansion. Bespoke’s model is very attractive to entrepreneurs like myself who are looking for a thoughtful partner and structured capital solution that enables us to accelerate value creation and focus our efforts on the truly long-term potential of the enterprise. We are also pleased that Ken Lamb, an expert in the wine sector, has joined the Nomacorc Board and will be actively involved with our organisation going forward.”

“We’re excited to work with the new ownership group to grow our business and are thrilled about the many opportunities that this investment will bring,” says Lars von Kantzow, president and CEO of Nomacorc since 2006. “We’ll be able to expand the Nomacorc brand and all that it entails – superior quality, groundbreaking innovation and exceptional customer service – to deliver on our ultimate objective of ensuring that wine is experienced and enjoyed by the consumer just as the winemaker intended.”

Global Leisure Partners (GLP), a leading sector-focused leisure and consumer merchant bank and joint venture partner in Bespoke, initiated this transaction and advised Bespoke on the investment and associated debt and equity capital raising. Two GLP Operating Partners, Bill Rogers and Ken Lamb, are participants in the investment and will both assume board of director roles in the Company.

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