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Bitcoin project seeking venture capital, one of the world's largest Bitcoin projects, is exiting stealth-mode after twelve months of strategic acquisitions and development and officially seeking venture capital funding.

“Our exclusive goal is to bring Bitcoin to the masses on a global scale,” says founder Niko Younts. “While we recognise our conceptual digital blueprint is an ambitious one, we also fully comprehend the unparalleled opportunity and value of what we have created to date. Bitcoin venture capital funding has recently surpassed the USD400m milestone and we’re looking to add our name to the history books as an early adopter and global marketing contributor.”

At the core, is an incubator, fund, and portfolio of intellectual property. The aim of the project is to promote Bitcoin to 140 countries worldwide by leveraging the firm’s 140 geo-targeted premium domain assets including,,,, 

In addition, CurrencyEvolution is seeking to develop standalone advertising platforms with their two industry-defining premium brands; and which can be accessed via a global point of entry via Finally, to diversify, they have released an alpha version of the world’s first video-only platform exclusively for Bitcoin in their CoinPress.TV brand that showcases more than 300 Bitcoin videos from around the world.

“After selling for USD250,000 in Q1 we took a hard look at the global Bitcoin Phenomenon and made a strategic decision to triple-down on our research, investments, and enthusiasm in an attempt to really make a difference and capitalise on the opportunity to become the digital leader in the space. With our investment portfolio showcasing 150 Bitcoin websites and more than 1,000 generic Bitcoin domain assets, our holdings represent a global, intuitive, and authoritative branding play with highly-targeted web traffic which equates to a timeless competitive advantage. We are currently organising future budgets and marketing initiatives while evaluating our options to partner, incorporate a white-label solution, or build a proprietary backend. We encourage all interested parties to contact us,” says Younts.

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