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CGE Partners backs Inspera

CGE Partners (CGE) has invested in Inspera, a high growth end-to-end e-assessment SaaS provider sold into universities, schools and professional awarding bodies.

CGE is partnering with Bjørn Rustberggaard (CEO) and Håkon Thaulow (CFO) to help Inspera’s international expansion. Inspera launched in the Nordics where the higher education (HE) market was an early adopter of e-assessment. This market is rapidly accelerating worldwide as countries recognise the benefits of saving teachers’ time, capturing and analysing data, and the ability to reach a wider pool of candidates. Covid-19 has contributed to the shift away from paper-based exams and schools, universities and awarding bodies will need to replace temporary online testing with permanent e-assessment solutions.
Bjørn Rustberggaard, CEO and Founder of Inspera, says: “CGE Partners investing in Inspera is a testament to the accelerating growth of e-assessment as well as Inspera’s inclusive vision and leadership in this field. E-assessment services should meet all students, teachers and proctors where they are – both physically and figuratively – and where they are going.  What excites me most about partnering with CGE Partners is the ability to accelerate our mission to re-invent educational assessment for the 21st century and further democratise education at a global scale, and to make sure that no students are left behind.”
CGE Partners says: “Inspera’s early entry into the EdTech market with an innovative SaaS platform has put it in a rare position to scale internationally. We are looking forward to working with Inspera on the next stage of growth and enabling them to continue to invest in best-in-class technology whilst maintaining excellent standards of customer service globally.”
Inspera marks CGE’s third investment this month and its sixth investment from its first fund.

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