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Climate VC launches impact-first investment strategy to fund net zero founders

Climate change investor Climate VC, has launched an impact-first investment strategy that will back climate change start-ups that might have been overlooked by other VCs.

Climate VC wants to disrupt the traditional VC approach to climate innovation by putting as much emphasis on the climate impact of a venture as the commercial return.  
Climate VC is led by Peet Denny, Simrun Basuita, and Andrea Emanuelli, a team of AI and advanced technology specialists, operators and founders, with more than two decades’ experience in building start-ups, and making them a success. Climate VC was supported by serial founder and angel investor Doug Scott. 
Raising funds from individual and institutional UK-based LPs, Climate VC will back 100-120 early-stage UK-based climate start-ups over three years. The investors aim to see at least 10 of these investments become full-scale successes, each removing 10 megatonnes of CO2e a year for a decade, cumulatively creating a gigatonne impact on the climate change mission by the mid-2030s. 

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