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Crowdfundraiser, a site focused on both debt and equity crowdfund investing now offers, investment options for both accredited and non-accredited investors alike.

The company provides both private and public equity investments for crowdfunding deals across all platforms in the crowdfunding ecosystem. This means all types of investors are able to take advantage of crowdfund investing opportunities .
While large crowds are unable to invest in private equity, each private deal can take a limited number of non-accredited investors. Corwdfundraiser works with non-accredited investors on private equity deals to ensure clients' are always reaching the threshold of non-accredited investors. The number of non-accredited members in each deal is less important than the number of quality deals. If a large number of quality deals are brought to investors' attention, then everyone – both accredited and non-accredited alike – are able to invest in such opportunities.
To ensure enhanced and increasing quality dealflow, Crowdfundraiser has partnered with worldwide equity crowdfunding aggregation sites, allowing the company to have access to a large number of relevant and quality deals without having to source opportunities from multiple crowdfunding portals. The focus is not just on the number of deals, but also on the quality of the opportunities presented.
In addition, not only maxes the limit of non-accredited investors in multple private equity deals, but the company also utilizes public equity, including pre-public offering investment opportunities. "By following the rules on private offerings very carefully as well as providing public equity investment options, we're successfully able to work with both accredited and non-accredited investors on sourcing capital for multiple deals and investments," says Jake Durrant, Managing Director at Crowdfundraiser.
Due to the nature of how Crowdfundraiser works, both accredited and non-accredited investors alike are able to invest in various growth and steady-state business deals. By providing crowdfunding investment opportunities with both private and public equity, Crowdfundraiser is able to target all types of investor groups as well as provide liquidity for investors who want or need an early exit. "This is particularly helpful when we work with the unsophisticated and non accredited investor crowd," Durrant says. "We're also platform agnostic, which means we play well with others. That means we don't compete other equity investment crowdfunding platforms, we partner with them, helping to increase the amount of capital flowing to their various offered investments.
"Investors, entrepreneurs and platforms will benefit by working with our unique crowdfund investing methodologies," he says. 

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