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Dasseti launches PE investor relations and RFP software solution

Dasseti, a specialist in digital due diligence software, has launched Dasseti Engage for asset managers and private equity GPs, a new platform designed to help investor relations, RFP and client services teams to improve distribution and speed up responses to client and consultant requests. 

Dasseti says the platform allows teams to provide clients with consistent fund and company data efficiently and securely. Dasseti Engage can work alongside existing RFP tools, CRMs and Question and Answer banks to extract, flex and publish data across all DDQs, client templates and helps with consultant databases updates. 

The platform can also automate the response process, make regular updates and distribute live data securely. It uses Natural Language Processing to auto-suggest best-fit responses for RFPs and DDQs based on previous answers and also employs Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and SharePoint plugins to streamline responses to requests, collaboration with team members and the population of client files and records with supporting material. 

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