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DFJ Esprit backs market surveillance with investment in Redkite

Redkite Financial Markets, a specialist in real-time financial markets surveillance solutions, has raised a Series A investment from DFJ Esprit, a leading European venture firm with just under USD900 million under management.

The investment will accelerate the growth of the firm whose next-generation solution enables the financial services sector to ensure compliance to global regulatory initiatives that demand real-time trade monitoring.
Redkite Financial Markets was established in 2009. Its flagship product, Redeye, equips financial institutions with the tools and knowledge to monitor, analyse and act on trading conditions in real-time, enabling them to detect suspicious transactions and trading behaviours in today’s complex market environment.
John Edge, head of business development, Redkite Financial Markets, says: “This investment will take Redkite into an exciting new phase of development. There is significant, global demand for a flexible, real-time surveillance solution. Redeye has been developed by market practitioners to solve the compliance challenge that financial institutions, exchanges and regulators face. The investment from DFJ Esprit increases our ability to deliver a proven solution to a broader range of clients, whilst continuing to expand Redeye’s advanced analytics capability.”
Stuart Chapman, Partner, DFJ Esprit, says: “Redkite offers unique monitoring and warnings for financial market abuses, an important solution to meet today’s financial markets surveillance demands.”
Chapman says: “Following an introduction to Redkite from New York-based DFJ Gotham, DFJ Esprit will continue to leverage the global DFJ Network of Partner Funds to further accelerate Redkite’s growth in the international market.”
Redkite has gained significant traction since launch, most recently announcing in March 2011 a global arrangement with Thomson Reuters. The partnership provides all market participants with access to relevant pre- and post-trade information to enable appropriate monitoring and risk management controls.

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