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Emil Capital Partners, Thomas H Lee and Hugh Jackman invest in beverage brand Balance

Balance Water Inc has closed on a Series A financing round from Emil Capital Partners, Thomas H Lee and Hugh Jackman.

Balance is a non-flavoured functional beverage bottled locally in California, New York, Sydney, Australia and next month in Cologne, Germany. Its point of difference is the use of wild harvested Australian flowers that it infuses into its five main products, Mind, Relax, Refresh, Digest and Travel. Similar in function and benefit to certain herbal teas, though without any flavour, the Balance range is expanding out of specialised natural products channels into mainstream retail.

"We’ve worked hard over several years to build a solid, healthy brand foundation. We are now seeing a loyal customer following and strong repeat sales," says co-founder Martin Chalk. This disciplined approach to growing a consumer brand has now attracted the attention of some serious investors. Emil Capital Partners of Greenwich, CT lead the Series A round. 

"We are a family fund that has a focus in health, environment and premium consumer products. Balance is a unique, scalable beverage that we believe has the potential to be a world class brand," says Andreas Guldin, Chief Executive at Emil Capital Partners. 

When asked why an investment in such a seemingly crowded space, Marcel Bens, Principal at Emil Capital Partners, replies that: "The all natural, zero calorie, healthy aspect of the product combined with its sustainably harvested ingredients and global appeal provides a highly unique differentiation in the beverage space, and that was very important to us." 

These benefits and the unique category it is establishing, along with its Australian heritage are also what attracted renowned private equity leader, Thomas H Lee, to invest in Balance. Tom Lee gained beverage notoriety for his success in acquiring, growing and later selling Snapple.

The environmental, social and health conscious actor, Hugh Jackman has been a long time consumer of Balance and was an early Angel investor. He has re-invested in this round.

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