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Eurazeo to manage EUR420m fund to invest in French healthcare sector

Eurazeo a leading private-sector asset management company in Europe, was chosen to manage the Nov Santé Actions Non Cotées fund for unlisted healthcare assets. Launched by the French Insurance Federation (FFA) and the Caisse des Dépôts, the EUR420 million fund reflects the will of the insurance industry to commit to nurturing entrepreneurial and industrial projects in the healthcare sector in France.

Eurazeo was chosen from a number of benchmark finance management companies for its renowned expertise in transforming and growing SMEs, its ability to help companies expand their international footprint by leveraging its network spanning 10 countries, its teams specialised in supporting businesses at every stage of their development and its status as a leading responsible and sustainable investor.
The fact that Eurazeo was chosen by these high-profile investors is testament to the Group’s tried and tested expertise in healthcare for over 15 years, with EUR1.2 billion invested in 72 companies. With stakes in biotechnology, healthcare operators, industrial solutions, patient care, pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment, Eurazeo has acquired a broad understanding of the industry and has invested in pioneering companies in these branches, such as Seqens, C2S, Intech, Dynacure and Doctolib.
France boasts one of the most advanced and innovative healthcare industries in the world with annual revenue of EUR90 billion, over 3,000 companies and 2,500 locations throughout the country, totalling 455,000 direct and associated jobs. While the pandemic demonstrated the quality of the French health system and the engagement and professionalism of the people working in the sector, it also highlighted the importance of increasing the country’s health and industrial sovereignty. That is the central focus of the Nov Santé fund, through which Eurazeo will invest primarily in research, industry and healthcare services. As such, the Group confirms its ambition to help build up national momentum to achieve excellence in the French healthcare industry.
The fund will also seek to pick up the pace of the digital transformation in the industry, which is essential to improve access to healthcare through telemedicine, prevent disease by harnessing big data and artificial intelligence, and reinforce the coordination between healthcare providers. Bolstered by its status as the leading financier of French tech, with over EUR5 billion invested in 27 of the 40 companies included on the Next 40 in its portfolio, Eurazeo has everything at its disposal to facilitate the technological development of the healthcare sector.
Being chosen to manage this fund through a specially formed team helps to underscore Eurazeo’s strong growth momentum in asset management.
Virginie Morgon, Chairwoman of the Executive Board, says: “We are especially proud to have been chosen to manage the Nov Santé Fund and thereby align ourselves with the French Insurance Federation and the Caisse des Dépôts in order to invent the healthcare of tomorrow. The teams from Eurazeo are fully mobilised to support and drive the transformation of the French healthcare industry to bolster the country’s health and industrial sovereignty. This choice, made by highly demanding investors, demonstrates the credibility, performance and expertise of Eurazeo in managing assets, transforming businesses and supporting them to grow internationally.”

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