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Foresight expands OEIC range with Sustainable Future Themes Fund

Foresight Capital Management (FCM), part of listed infrastructure and private equity investment manager Foresight Group LLP, has launched the FP Foresight Sustainable Future Themes Fund, which will invest in a global portfolio of 20-40 scalable listed companies that meet the Fund’s stringent sustainability criteria for positive environmental and/or social impact, and targets capital growth over a five-year period.

The Fund will be available to all UK-based retail and institutional investors.

The Fund addresses the climate imperative and the need for global social development by identifying and providing capital to companies at the core of sustainable development across five Sustainable Future Themes: Sustainable Energy; Sustainable Food, Land and Forestry; Waste, Water and the Circular Economy; Health and Education; and .

Only those companies which derive 80% or more of revenue from activities that align with one or more of these themes will be considered for the portfolio. 

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