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Forgepoint Capital launches Surefire Cyber with $10m in Series A funding

Venture capital investor Forgepoint Capital has launched Surefire Cyber, a new incident response firm that helps cyber insurers, brokers, law firms and the organisations they support better manage cyber events.

Founded and led by leading incident response expert Billy Gouveia, Surefire Cyber emerged from stealth with $10 million in Series A funding from Forgepoint Capital following its successful incubation within the firm.

The second startup incubated at Forgepoint, Surefire Cyber has benefitted from a wide range of support including recruiting, platform development, introductions to its first customers, marketing, governance and critical introductions. These company building blocks have enabled Surefire Cyber to launch with an expert team of industry veterans and an innovative tech-enabled platform for incident response, along with a roster of industry-leading customers and partners.

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