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Gen II launches no-code fund data management service 

Gen II Fund Services, an independent private capital fund administrator, has launched Sensr DataBridge as part of its Sensr product suite, which provides PE sponsors with access to investor and investment cash flows, portfolio data and accounting details, and streamlines connections across diverse applications, tools, and platforms.

According to a press release, Sensr DataBridge’s no-code solution eliminates the need for specialised data structuring or development skills and allows its users to integrate fund administration data with both in-house and third-party platforms.

Sensr DataBridge can be used as a standalone solution or alongside Sensr Analytics, a fully managed, dynamic fund performance and attribution analysis tool aimed at private equity sponsors.

In a press statement, Robert Caporale, President, Strategic & Digital Solutions at Gen II, said: “Gen II is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of private equity sponsors. Sensr DataBridge represents a paradigm shift in how fund data is accessed and utilised, offering unparalleled efficiency and flexibility.”

Peter Rosenstein, Chief Product Officer, Digital Solutions at Gen II, described Gen II’s latest offering as “the result of a constant feedback loop with our clients”.

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