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Invest in communication to control your own narrative

Prosek Partners: Best PR Company – Private equity managers and their portfolio companies are a target for disruption. They have to do a good job communicating to all their constituencies what they are doing to be good operators and to adjust to changing rules and social mores. 

Integrated marketing and communications firm Prosek Partners works on honing its PE clients’ communication strategies to help them grow and better serve a variety of groups including investors, portfolio companies, recruits and existing employees and regulators. 

Jennifer Prosek (pictured), Managing Partner of Prosek Partners says: “Communicating well makes it easier to build brands and to create a ‘halo effect’ as innovative, forward thinkers. It also allows managers them to protect their brands in times of crisis or when issues arise.” According to Prosek, robust communication can also support PE managers’ staff attraction and retention while improving relations with LPs, shareholders, regulators, politicians and the general public, increasing investment performance and strengthening culture.

The firm also focuses on improving education. “PE managers that remain mysterious to the general public often find that others can control their narrative. Managers need to invest in their public image and get out on the front foot to gain control of its narrative. They need to do this by proactively telling their stories and interfacing with multiple external constituencies e.g. LPs, public shareholders, government regulators, unions and media,” Prosek explains.

Talent acquisition, culture, diversity and inclusion are other issues where the firm can help support its PE clients. Prosek notes: “Many PE firms are building out their formal programs, some for the very first time. And all firms are changing to meet the demands of the new generations of talent which have many more options. For some this is challenging new territory.”

Prosek Partners is investing heavily in its ability to serve private equity clients. Prosek comments: “We want to help accelerate their growth, improve their ability to raise capital, generate investment opportunities, recruit talent, and communicate better with their growing constituencies.”

Examples of recent investments include hiring several senior people in New York and London. The firm is also growing its ability to provide marketing help, including brand and content strategy, social media amplification, digital analytics, graphic design, and full-stack web development. 

Further, Prosek continuously updates its portfolio of technology solutions to help teams and clients work faster, smarter and more efficiently. This includes search engines, data bases, news feeds and Qwoted, an automated sourcing match system we invested in this year. Qwoted enables reporters from leading publications to reach expert sources and produce higher quality coverage faster. 

Prosek Partners offers private equity clients a full suite of marketing and communications solutions to help them at the corporate level as well as their portfolio companies. Prosek states: “Many come to us for one service and then grow into others. We are able to help people create new brands and visual identities, launch new firms and funds and promote milestones through narrative development, book PR and conference support. We also help neutralise and manage any negative reputational issues.”

The objectives of Prosek Partners are well-aligned with those of their clients. Prosek says: “We’re focused on the same things our private equity clients are investing in. On the talent side, we will continue to invest in the best people we can find to serve our clients. Operating efficiently and improving performance remains a key goal and we will continue to invest in technology to ensure we meet all of our clients’ growing communications and marketing needs.” 

Jennifer Prosek
Founder & CEO, Prosek Partners

Jennifer Prosek is a published author and frequent speaker. Her book Army of Entrepreneurs received praise from Columbia Business School, Wharton and INSEAD. She is on the board of directors of the Arthur Page Society and British American Business. Jennifer received her MBA from Columbia University and a BA from Miami University.

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