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JVP and Giza invest in early stage start-up XtremIO

JVP and Giza, two Israeli venture capital funds, have made an A-round investment in XtremIO, an early stage venture developing solid state drive data storage systems.

XtremIO’s solutions are designed to deliver high performance in enterprise storage environments, while addressing existing storage device limitations and data network connectivity challenges.

Ehud Rokach, chief executive of XtremIO, says: "We are happy that Giza and JVP share our vision and see the potential in XtremIO’s proposition. During our discussions we got to know the investment teams and we feel we found people who understand what it takes to successfully bring innovative technologies to market."

Data storage system performance is a major bottleneck to modern data centres. XtremIO is developing enterprise solutions that will enable shared storage environments with substantial performance improvements, efficient use of IT resources, and a low capital investment.

The company’s founders, Ehud Rokach, Yaron Segev, Shachar Frank, Prof. Shuki Bruck and Aryeh Mergi, have vast experience in the high-tech industry including a variety of technological fields, entrepreneurship and building technological companies from the concept stage up to companies that show important sales volume.

"XtremIO is exactly the type of companies we like to see in our portfolio: early-stage ventures, led by a strong management team of seasoned entrepreneurs, and bringing cutting-edge technology which can have a major impact on the market in which it operates and become a significant player," says Eyal Niv, managing director of Giza

"We are proud to announce our investment into this exciting new venture," addsKobi Rozengarten, general partner, JVP. "JVP strongly supports investments into companies that develop technologies which will greatly impact new media markets. XtremIO is one of these startups, and we’re thrilled to help drive innovation."

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