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LandFund Partners raises $25.6m for soil enrichment fund

Farmland investor LandFund Partners has raised $25.6m from five LPs for its Soil Enrichment Fund Blocker vehicle, according to a report by Agri Investor citing a recent SEC filing. 

In an interview with Agri Investor, Chris Morris, President and COO of LandFund, said that the investors include US-based endowments and foundations, which are investing in a vehicle related to the firm’s open-end Soil Enrichment Fund. 

Morris assumed his current position in September 2021, having joined the firm in 2013 as managing director and CFO. 

Morris noted that LandFund combined assets from its previous closed-end funds nearing termination dates to meet investor demand for continued ownership of the farmland assets: “We saw what was coming around with inflation and farmland prices. 

“It made sense to put them all under one umbrella with an evergreen holding period perpetual fund. It allowed us to keep what we have assembled in one holistic piece.” 

 LandFund works with registered investment advisors and small multi-family office investors in expanding its reach to larger institutional investors interested in farmland. 

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, LandFund launched the Soil Enrichment Fund in September 2021. The fund focuses on reducing and sequestering carbon emissions through regenerative farming practices in the US Mid-South. LandFund currently manages about 40,000 acres of mostly irrigated row crop farmland across roughly 40 properties in the Mississippi River Valley, valued at approximately $200m. 

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