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Listing activity slows in 2009

Listing activity in 2009 experienced a significant slowdown as a result of the situation on the international capital markets since September 2008, according to the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

The year was marked by a sharp decline in the admission of securities representing securitized assets or structured products. In contrast, bond issues from non-financial enterprises rose sharply.

The amount of capital raised and listed during 2009 increased by about 8.17 per cent compared to 2008 to breach the symbolic barrier of EUR1,000bn, while the number of new quotation lines was lower by almost 35 per cent over the previous year.

During 2009, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange admitted to trading and its official list 7,738 new securities on both of its markets. A total of 6,737 securities were admitted to trading on the Bourse de Luxembourg regulated market and 1,001 on the Euro MTF market.

Securities newly admitted to trading were divided as follows: bonds (5,225 lines), investment funds (802), depositary receipts including global depositary receipts (26) and warrants (1,683).

As at 31 December 2009, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange listed 45,660 quotation lines compared to 49,097 in 2008. The largest segments remained bonds with 30,805 lines and investment funds with 7,285 lines.

Growth in the share segment was assisted by listing activity for depositary receipts, with a total of 232 quotation lines. For example, Tata Motors chose the Luxembourg Stock Exchange for its global depositary shares public offering, raising capital of about USD375m.

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange figures in the top three European stock exchanges in terms of amount issued and in terms of number of new listings.

As at 31 December 2009, trading volume on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange had reached a total of EUR272.05m. The average daily volume stood at EUR1.08m. Equity trades accounted for at 79.15 per cent of the volume, or EUR215.34m in absolute terms, while bonds accounted for 20.85 per cent or EUR56.71m.

The LuxX closed the year at 1,371.47 points, up 39.82 per cent compared to 2008. The highest level was reached on 30 December at 1,399.12 points and the lowest on 9 March 2009 at 804.38 points.

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