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Major shareholders of Aareal Bank support takeover offer by Atlantic BidCo

Shareholders of Aareal Bank have signed commitments to support an increased bid for the bank by Atlantic BidCo, a non-controlled company indirectly held by funds which are respectively managed and advised by Advent International Corporation (Advent) and Centerbridge Partners (Centerbridge), as well as other co-investors.

Through irrevocable tender commitments amounting to approximately 37 per cent of Aareal Bank’s shares, Petrus Advisers, Teleios Capital, Vesa Equity Investment and Talomon Capital have agreed to accept a tender offer of EUR33.00 per share in cash or to sell shares to the bidder outside the tender offer. These main shareholders of Aareal Bank have also committed to partially reinvest into a long-dated, illiquid indirect participation of approximately 20 per cent in the Bidder.

The objective of the transaction is to support Aareal Bank’s existing strategic ambitions: strengthening its position as an international provider of both real estate and other property-based financings, as well as software, digital solutions and payment services for the property sector and related industries. 

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