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Marc Coucke leads Series C Round in Sophia Genetics

Sophia Genetics has close a new USD15 million Series C financing round led by Omega founder and Belgian billionaire Marc Coucke. The funds will be used to continue Sophia’s rapid market expansion and broaden its range of genomic tests.

Witnessing a 400 per cent growth rate this year alone, Sophia Genetics now supports more than 100 healthcare institutions across 20 countries. Its innovative analytics platform, Sophia DDM, holds unique machine learning based algorithms and hosts the world’s largest clinical genomics community, placing Europe ahead of the US in precision medicine.
Coucke says: “Sophia Genetics stood out among an increasingly crowded field as it is so far ahead in fulfilling the promise of genomic testing, particularly in the fight against cancer. I have no doubt that the company will continue to thrive as more hospitals and labs adopt its cutting edge molecular diagnosis solutions, to the benefit of patients all over Europe.”
Coucke founded Omega Pharma in 1987 and sold it to global healthcare supplier Perrigo in 2014 for more than USD4.5 billion.
Sophia Genetics has previously received backing from Mike Lynch, founder of Invoke Capital. With both Coucke and Lynch as major investors, Sophia now counts support from two of Europe’s most successful life science and technology entrepreneurs in the last decade. Such recognition exemplifies Sophia Genetics’ success and the potential of its technology to change the healthcare industry by making precision medicine a reality.
Lynch says: “This is a very exciting time for Sophia Genetics, and I am proud of its progress.
Legacy approaches produce results good enough for research but not accurate enough for clinical use. By applying the latest machine learning Sophia has pioneered a clinical approach to analysing genomic data that outpaces any other technology in speed and accuracy, both of which are critical to patient outcomes.”
Jurgi Camblong, CEO and co-founder of Sophia Genetics, says: “Sophia has experienced incredible growth over the past 18 months, driven by our superior analytical performance which allows hospitals to conduct genomics tests on cancers and genetic diseases. We have made the dream of precision medicine a reality for 25,000 patients so far, and more continue to benefit every day.”

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