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NextStage becomes NextStage AM

NextStage has unveiled a new logo and a new name with the management company is now called NextStage AM.

With this new name, the Partners at NextStage AM assert the ambition of the management company, one of the leading investors in middle-market companies and champion in their market, to move towards a new stage in its development in Europe, while reaffirming their strategic choices as long-term investors, as well as their vision and values.

With this new identity NextStage AM, which has accompanied more than 100 entrepreneurs over 13 years, solidifies its position as an entrepreneur-investor serving other entrepreneurs at the forefront of tomorrow's middle-market companies.

"NextStage AM is firmly committed to the major underlying trends focused on the emergence of the third industrial revolution. Our strategy is to back entrepreneurs of champion companies, going global, over the long term," says Grégoire Sentilhes, Chairman of NextStage AM.

Moreover, this name change confirms the willingness of NextStage AM's Partners to provide to the same investment solutions to major private investors (entrepreneurs, major businesses), institutional investors and individual shareholders.

Until June 15, in the context of the annual declaration of the French solidarity tax on wealth (ISF), NextStage is offering its private investors investment opportunities in the FCPI NextStage CAP 2021, innovation fund and the FIP NextStage Rendement 2021, local investment fund.

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