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Omnes Capital obtains climate label for Capenergie 3 fund

Omnes Capital has obtained the new Energy and Ecological Transition for the Climate label for its Capenergie 3 fund.

Created in late 2015 by the French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and the Sea, the label is designed to direct savings towards energy and ecological transition projects.
It falls within the framework of public initiatives taken following the French law on Energy Transition for Green Growth of August 2015. For investors, it ensures the transparency and quality of the environmental characteristics of financial products thanks to an audit by an independent expert.
Capenergie 3 is dedicated to investment in renewable energy. The environmental performance of its investments is measured systematically and Omnes Capital pursues active ESG management.
Serge Savasta, managing partner at Omnes Capital, says: “We manage a range of investment vehicles dedicated to the energy transition which currently represent EUR800 million of assets under management and have financed the construction of over 1.5 gigawatts of renewable energy generation projects since 2006.”
“Our strategy has not changed for 10 years: in partnership with local SMEs, we build new energy transition infrastructure that play an essential role in our regional development. With Capenergie 3, our target is the construction of around 50 projects representing a total of 750 MW of electricity and heat generation capacity,” says Savasta.

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