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PCM receives full AIFMD licence for Malta SICAV

Prestige Capital Management Limited (PCM) has been granted an AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) licence by the Maltese regulator, the Maltese Financial Services Authority (MFSA). 

PCM operates a Maltese-authorised SICAV. The AIFM licence will allow this business to grow both its existing SICAV as well as the future management of additional structures in Malta and elsewhere by making use of the passporting benefits under the AIFM Directive within the European Union. The SICAV represents a licensed and established structure suitable for investment managers who want to take advantage of Maltese passporting opportunities PCM is a Malta-based investment management company, authorised and regulated by the MFSA.
PCM opened its office in Malta in 2011. The company currently provides a central investment management, risk management and accounting function for the Malta based SICAV and also provides various non-regulated administration based services to affiliated Prestige companies.
Iain Fulton, COO of Prestige Capital Management Limited (Malta), says: “We are very excited to have been licensed by the MFSA as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager, under the Directive. Clearly much has been written about the AIFMD over the past few years and we believe the benefits of full authorisation far outweigh those of opting not to register. Malta structures like this represent a viable regulated alternative to Ireland and Luxembourg.”
Craig Reeves, Founder of PCM, adds: “We chose to open a business and office in Malta because we could see the country held exciting long term prospects as a distribution hub for fund managers interested in EU passporting opportunities. Now, more than ever before, investment managers and their legal advisors are looking to Malta as a prospective domicile. Additionally investors are increasingly expecting greater governance, compliance and oversight.”
As a member state within the European Union and Eurozone, Malta attracts funds and investment groups that are interested in a regulated UCITS or AIFMD solution. Malta has both the regulatory framework and competent local service providers in place to support fund management operations, including alternative funds.

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