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Private companies can now disclose sustainability data through ESG Book

Private companies can now disclose sustainability data on the ESG Book platform through a new set of metrics designed to standardise ESG reporting for private markets.

The launch of ESG Data Convergence Project metrics on ESG Book enables private equity general partners (GPs) and limited partners (LPs) worldwide to access meaningful, performance-based, comparable sustainability data from private companies.
Supported by over 100 leading private equity firms representing USD8.7 trillion in AUM and more than 1,400 private companies, the ESG Data Convergence Project was unveiled in September 2021 as a solution to the private market’s historically fragmented approach to collecting and reporting ESG data. Through ESG Book, private companies are able to disclose information against the Project’s reporting template, as well as on a wide range of sustainability frameworks globally.
Delivered through cutting-edge cloud technology, ESG Book makes sustainability data more widely available and comparable for all stakeholders, allows companies to be custodians of their own data through a secure digital platform, provides framework-neutral ESG information in real-time, and promotes transparency. The platform is supported by international organisations including the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and runs according to principles from the UN Global Compact, which encourages companies to adopt sustainable policies.

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