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Private equity firm Amalgamated Australian Investment Group eyes tech-savvy investors with new service

Private equity firm Amalgamated Australian Investment Group (AAIG) is planning to attract tech-savvy investors with a series of products and services that will streamline the investment decision-making process.

AAIG, which acquired the Australian Stock Report (ASR) in 2014, has been expanding its core offering which now includes stock market research (trading signal service), wealth management through ASR Wealth Advisers and full-service stockbroking through Ascot Securities.
“We believe in providing investors with a one-stop shop which will optimise their investment efforts,” says Matthew Roberts, Managing Director of AAIG. “Over the past few years, we have been building our capabilities and offerings – from identifying trades and investment opportunities (through ASR) up to managing our clients’ investment portfolio through our share advisory and dealing arm (ASR Wealth Advisers).”
Roberts adds that one of the emerging trends AAIG has identified in the past two years is the growing number of investors who are heavy users of technology and new IT-based applications.
“Our major investments in the past four years have been fintech focused and when possible fully developed in-house,” he says.
For example, he says ASR will be launching a new website that will give investors an enhanced investment experience. The new site will make it easy for investors and traders to find trading opportunities with a few mouse clicks.
Part of the new website is a powerful research and analysis tool – HALO – that will help investors analyse existing portfolios and run pre-selected scans on ASX-listed companies. HALO provides an analytical framework that makes it easier to see the strength (or weakness) of a given portfolio. At the same time, HALO also allows investors to create their own scans.
Backed by AAIG’s infrastructure for stock research, investment analysis and funds management, HALO brings together all the resources that are being used by funds and investment managers.
“Our team of investment managers have been using HALO in managing clients’ funds. And by making it (HALO) available to individual investors, we are giving them the same powerful tool that has been delivering strong results,” says Roberts.
According to Roberts, the launch of the all-new site and HALO is part of the management’s strategy to be the dominant player in the industry.
“Technology now plays a big part in almost all aspects of our lives. And by investing in technology and giving tech-enabled products and services to our clients, we believe we are helping them keep in step with the tools and applications that will help them become better investors,” says Roberts.
HALO will be available to all ASR users who will have first access to the platform.

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